Hoi Yee and I knew that writing together was absolutely the right thing to be doing.  Why?  Because all sorts of coincidences started happening to the two of us.  The first was this one:

We were each given an i-phone by our husbands in the same week – and the first day we got together after that, one of the new phones rang.  We both jumped up to answer it.  Why?  Because we had chosen the same ring tone! 

Since then, the coincidences have been rolling in.  In fact, they’re coming so fast and furious that we warn each other when something out of the ordinary happens – just to put the other on alert!

When we sent out our first book proposal, we discovered that we both lived at number 33 – although our homes were miles apart!  And, even weirder, my home in Birmingham, England was also number . . . 33!

We’re becoming so akin to these coincidences that if Hoi Yee wants something good to happen, she sits back and waits for it to happen to me first!  But, if something bad happens in her life, I am like a cat on hot bricks!  The coincidences seem to follow this pattern – the good things happen to me first and then to Hoi Yee.  And the not so good things happen to Hoi Yee first, and (sob, sob) to me!

See you next Friday!