The spring of 2011 was a really busy time socially for us.  While Hoi Yee and her husband were off attending a party in one place, my husband and I would be off at a function in another.  There were always raffles with super-duper prizes from air tickets to cameras and jewellery.  Hoi Yee and I were each lucky and won a few.

One morning some weeks later, I came across a US$1,000 winning voucher. It was for dinner on a famous picture-postcard restaurant, floating in Aberdeen Harbor.  And, the voucher was to expire the very next day!  How could I have forgotten?

I began calling up friends to see who could come.  Of course, I invited Hoi Yee.  “What, you’ve got winnings, too!  She exclaimed.  “I’ve just found the tickets that I won a few weeks ago, and they expire tomorrow, too – so I am taking all my staff out to dinner tomorrow!” 

We both won dinner prizes, we both forgot, and both found them at the last minute!  The only difference was that our vouchers weren’t for the same restaurant!

It’s fun to have these coincidences.  For me, there’ve always been lots, right though my life – for Hoi Yee they’re quite a new phenomenon, but she’s getting used to them!

Do you think there’s any significance to these coincidences?  Or is it just that we’re working together, and our lives are simply becoming intertwined as a consequence?