Writing individually hadn’t worked – Hoi Yee and I needed a new approach!

We began by ruthlessly deleting everything we didn’t like (which was most of it!).

Because our thoughts on East West relations are quite outrageous, we knew we had to support each point, so we sought out experts and people whose real-life experiences supported our findings.  We became more and more excited about our topic.   We delved deeper into the research and were thrilled that our nebulous observations became solid with confirmations.

Sometimes, we can’t seem to substantiate a point, so we toss it backwards and forwards in discussion.  We try to view the concept from alternative perspectives.  We do more research.  But, if still we are not happy with that chapter, we agree to ditch it altogether.  That’s a tough decision, especially if we have put weeks of work into it.

Every time we get together to write we read the previous week’s work; delete, re-write, applaud ourselves, and really love it when we get it right!  It’s great fun.  We howl with laughter sometimes, and at other times are blatantly critical of our work (but not of each other!).  Now our writing is really flowing.

We have found our own voice and timbre, and are very much looking forward to sharing our book with you really soon.