In today’s economic turmoil, men’s “self-worth” is being dented.

In the USA, in 2009, men of prime working age were earning 27% less than in 1969 (after adjusting for inflation).  Between 1969 and 2011, women in employment rose from less than 50% to 68.9%.

Research shows that unemployed men contribute less around the house and retreat from family life.  They do not feel important to their wife, nor do they see themselves as a role model to their children.

Men’s self-esteem is directly linked to their job and salary – a negative change in either severely hurts them.  Their distress impacts on society, and tears at personal relationships.

How can we prevent this reaction . . . and all of us keep our sense of humor?  Listen, praise and hug!  Date-nights, favorite meals and popcorn on the sofa.