It is lunch-time in Hong Kong.  The temperature is 32°.  Humidity is 98%.  The streets of Central are teeming with people rushing to grab a quick one-hour lunch.

John, exiting from the subway, trips over a crack in the sidewalk and drops his two heavy suitcases.  The catch on the blue bag springs open and his red ski jacket and black mittens spill onto the pavement under hurrying feet.

“Hey get off – I need those for the audition!” he shouts, bending down to pull at one of the jacket sleeves. 

“Audition?” a voice behind him says.  With the fallen jacket and mittens retrieved, John looks up.  There, standing astride the other suitcase, protecting it from the crowds, in khaki mini shorts and thin beige camisolle, is the most gorgeous woman John has seen in a long time.

“Yeah” he replies with a grin, “I’m auditioning for the new Rex film.”  Looking ruefully at the ski clothes in his hands, “The producer said the movie’s based in the South Pole.”

She stares at him and points at the outfit she’s wearing.  “They told me, it was set in the Sahara Desert!”