Hoi Yee:  I love a honey lemon tea that has the perfect balance of sticky sweetness and fresh tartness; I could swear I taste real vanilla!  When my husband is able to read my mind when I’m in a bad mood . . . and says the right thing to make me smile again; I love knowing that someone is there to make me happy.  Trying on a pair jeans that fit oh so perfectly; I am elated when I am pleased with how I look. When a staff member does something extra and makes me think that our company is lucky to have her.  When our son enjoys a book so much that he role plays each character for days, laughing to himself.

I feel extremely lucky to have these moments, and to be able to relish them.

How do I make these moments happen?  Like the theory of probability, do these random events recur in some pre-determined pattern?  I like to think that the more I try, the more I put myself out there, the more the delightful pleasures cross my path. 

Julia:  Being safe and warm and dry indoors as a typhoon lashes rain and wind outside; a newly cleaned floor – before the puppy scampers in leaving paw marks everywhere; the unexpected call of “Hallo” from our parrot, making us all think we have a visitor at the door; listening to biographies on the radio (no matter how old the recording); West End plays and sharp wit.

Hands Hands

A child’s small hand trustingly holding mine as I lead her to a new place; the shine in a mother’s eyes as she watches her son doing the best he can reciting a poem; the thrill of finishing writing a chapter for our book; carol services at Christmas followed by mulled wine and mince pies in the garden of a Hong Kong cathedral; English weddings held in Norman churches; being on the water sailing to the Isle of White or chugging gently across the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok; feeling the wind pushing against me as we motorcycle through the countryside.

Eating in a restaurant where the waiters address me by my name; receiving really funny emails from friends – especially if I’m having a difficult day; sharing childhood memories with others who were there; a cup of hot tea brought to me in bed by my husband; an SMS message from my daughter, “Have a lovely day, Mummy”.

These are just some of the small incidents that make each of my days lovely.